Work with Me

As a steward of Mother Nature,  I provide a variety of services to support the creatures as well as the humans, I believe the sacred divine lives in each of us, waiting to be witnessed and harnessed

Animals taught me how to love, to trust, and to open up to the world of spirit in magical and mysterious ways… it is my passion to share this gift and medicine with others through my services, classes, and writing.

I am honored to work with you and help you open up to the world of spirit and Mother Earth. We are all children of Earth, deserving of her love & grace.

See below for a few ways to work with me:


PEOPLE: These services are for YOU the human 🙂

Shaman Session

In a Shaman Session we would sit and have a conversation about what is going on with you, what you are feeling, why you felt drawn or guided to come see me. Before the session would start I would explain to you what a session consists of, everything that I might be doing, including setting crystal or stones on you, Chakra pillows on your chakras, any drumming that I would be doing, rattling over you, When the session is over we would sit and discuss any information that I have received for you and discuss any further questions that you might have. This is a time for you to relax, some people journey and have animals come to them, or ancestors, other people will find that they fall asleep and have a deep relaxing nap. There is no wrong or right way, it is, however, you are guided

Some of the possibilities associated  with this type of session are:

  • Discovering & meeting a power animal to work with
  • A noticeable shift in energy
  • A release of stale, stagnant, or overwhelming energy
  • Establishing a connection to the universe and grounding with the Earth
  • Deep rest & rejuvenation


You have now purchased land or a new home and you want it to be a new start, all your energy. You might want to think about having me come to your property to Bless the land, your new home or both. Mother Earth loves it when the people who are on her land become grounded, become one with her and it benefits you in many ways. We can discuss what your vision is for your property and we will do a ceremony to bring you and Mother Earth together to work to work together to create this vision.

Ceremonies of Union: As an ordained minister, I offer vow renewals, elopements, and wedding ceremonies. All ordination ceremonies range from $150- $300 depending on the circumstances**

Nature’s Nods: 

Join Georgia, Mother Earth, and her spiritual guardians to unfold the messages that she has for you to enhance your spiritual journey.

(Classes starting soon) Email Georgia for the next Nature’s Nods Class. You may register for class using Paypal. 

ANIMALS: These are for the beloved creatures

Do you have or had a pet? Do you know when your pet is not feeling right? Have you walked up to someone and without them saying a word, you asked what’s wrong? Have you walked into a room or stood next to someone and said: “this doesn’t feel right or I don’t like the energy or vibe”? You think about someone and they call you or you run into them, that is your intuition and you probably use it every day and you don’t recognize it, you blow it off as coincidence.

One of my gifts is helping you reconnect with your intuition, the gift you were given at birth, contact me and we (we as in me and my guides, along with yours) can get you started on a path where you can go at your own pace to reconnect with your intuition ability so you may begin to communicate with your pets.

Animal Communication

Have you often wondered what your furry friend is trying to tell you? Or are you wondering why they have a certain behavior or quirk that has popped up? Maybe your pet has passed and you would just like a validation that everything is okay and do they have a message for you. I will get a few bits of information from you and then connect with your pet. After this connection, we will set a time where we can go over the information I received and see if any other messages come to me while we are sharing this time together. Over the years I have found pets that have a sense of humor, some are sarcastic, it is fun to see their own personalities and traits come through in connection.

Ceremonies for Pets & Earth

Our family pets give us so much unconditional love, they are there for us in our ups and downs. They share our joy, lick away our tears, sit on our laps to give us a warm hug. I am an Ordained Minister and I love to do Blessings for new pets that have come into your life. Then there is the day we have to say goodbye to our beloved family member and I can help ease that pain with a simple ceremony for your pet that will help you honor them for being the wonderful pet they were.

My connection and love of animals run as deep as my love for our Earth. I am available to perform a ceremony to honor your cherished pet. Includes a phone consultation for planning, and the opportunity for me to connect with the essence of your beloved for preparation of the ceremony. All ceremonies for Pets & Earth range from $127- $200 depending on the circumstances**

For both the Human & The Animals: We are learning to honor, respect, and live in harmony with each other

** These rates do not include travel, lodging, or special circumstances

Please Contact Georgia to Schedule Above Services.

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