Thanksgiving is this week and everyone is getting excited, family is coming home, the house will be full with children and pets. If you are having family at your house and you do not feed your dog people food, please explain to your guest that you do not want them sharing there food with your pets.  Explain to them why you do not want that to happen, if your pet is not used to human food and they get the rich foods from Thanksgiving dinner, it can be disastrous for their stomachs and your floor.  It is also hard to find a veterinarian clinic open on the holidays.

It is hard to tell kids not to feed the dog because if you have a toddler they have no problem sharing with the dog or letting the dog help themselves to whatever is in their hands.  In that case it might be easier to put your pet in  an area or room where they are by themselves away from the food while you enjoy your meal. Older dogs like to take a break from all the commotion, especially little dogs, so prepare a space for them with their bed, blanket so they may get away from it all. Heck maybe you can sneak off and take a little nap yourself after dinner and say your checking on the dog or cat.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.