Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs

A few weeks back I posted on my Facebook page a picture of four different feathers that I had found at different times and different days.  I had found each of these feathers after I had received news from my Pet Sitting clients that a pet of theirs had passed away. Some of the feathers I had found within an hour or two of the news, some I had found the next day after receiving the news.

Being grounded in nature and an Animal Communicator, I smile when I find these simple signs, it is their way of letting me know all is good and thanking me.  Since I posted those feather pictures I have received a few questions from others as to what it means when they find a feather, they could not remember.  Finding a feather or any kind of sign like a coin, seeing a certain bird, flower, or a certain scent you smell out of nowhere, means you are connecting with the spiritual world through your intuition.

One person who asked me had just put her dog to sleep and I know she was concerned if she had down the right thing, we all go through that. Well, she found a feather about three days later and was wondering what that meant. For her, it was a sign from her dog that yes she had done the right thing and all was good. Another gal called and asked me what it meant to find a feather? could it be a sign from a loved one who had passed? I told her Yes it can be that, but I felt it had to do with a decision she had been contemplating maybe? She told me she had been tossing back and forth a decision that had to do with her elderly parents and she had finally decided what to do and later that day she had found this feather. I told her that was a sign that she had made the right decision.

When you are contemplating things or not sure what to do you can always ask for a sign, you will be given one, But are you ready to see it???? (Don’t go searching for signs they will appear when you are not expecting them, out of anywhere, that’s when you know it is a sign).

May you see the signs you are supposed to receive,