Kind words people have shared with me about my work with them over the years…..

“The day before our sweet German Shepherd passed, I spoke with a woman from MN on the phone about Bergen and our situation of choosing to go through with euthanasia services for the following day. This woman was Georgia Nagel and she’s a gifted communicator with animals.  Her intuition and ability to talk to them psychically is phenomenal. She had never met our dogs or been to our home in CO. I have only met her briefly and she was not aware of anything except our dog’s name and age when she tapped in and had a conversation with Bergen. I had chills as she calmly told me information that was not only something she could not have already known but messages from Bergen about letting her go. The way she said things purely reflected Bergen’s personality……
Georgia has published books and is absolutely a Godsend. Go to her website and please contact her if you want to best understand your animal friends. She can connect with your pets that are still living or when they’ve passed…..Thank you, Georgia, for using your awesome gift to help others.”

 Bergen & Dawn Duncan 

“Georgia’s reading for my dog Jenny helped me to better understand her and thus be able to help her anxiety and fear.  Georgia zeroed in on my dog’s personality to a tee, this was amazing to me as she did the reading long distance and had never met Jenny prior to the reading.  Georgia also guided me to different holistic ways I could support and care for Jenny.  I just loved how Georgia quickly tuned in and compassionately conversed with my dog on a higher level. Georgia also did a reading for me at the same time it felt very authentic and organic.  Georgia’s reading had so much helpful information for the direction my life is taking and in regard to some issues I still struggle with.  I could really tell that she had a direct line to spirit with the way the reading flowed and the knowledge that was given.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  I felt very supported and uplifted when the reading was over.”   

~Kim Ness

“From pet lover, to caregiver, to adviser- Georgia wears all the hats.  She has taken care of our dogs in many capacities over the past eight years.  She has been there to offer suggestions, take care of them when we are out of town and cried with us when we have had to put them down.  Georgia is a wonderful resource and we could not have found a more compassionate and dedicated person to take care of the furry part of our family in our absence. We have been extremely satisfied with the love and care that Georgia has provided our dogs over the past eight years.  While on vacation our dog had a seizure, she slept on the floor with him, gave him Pedialyte with a turkey baster to keep him hydrated so he could live long enough for us to return home.  Georgia’s dedication goes beyond expectation and she has offered much knowledge, love and support with our dogs, she is their other family!”     

~Sherri Komrosky

 “I was blessed to have Georgia do a reading for my dog Buddy, almost three years ago I had taken Buddy to a vet and they said he had cancer that could not be cured and only gave him a few months to live, it crushed me he was my boy.  I had gotten Buddy from a friend’s parents who had to move off their farm, so he was around five or six when I got him.  So, after I found out about his cancer I started doing anything I could to help him, he never seemed to have pain, but his urine was red.  I started him on vitamins and took him regular walks and just made sure he was loved.  Later that year I learned Reiki and started doing Reiki on him and his urine cleared up. I wanted Georgia to do a reading on Buddy to see if anything else I could do.  Georgia’s reading was awesome, and it just really showed me that Buddy is good, and he feels loved.  Georgia saw beautiful warm light around Buddy and great energy.  I do believe that is true, part of that I feel is his previous owner shining on him, he passed away one year after I got Buddy. Georgia than said Buddy told her he liked snow and he does like snow, he gets very warm in the summer, and as he has gotten older he doesn’t like the cold so much, but he likes the snow.  Georgia also said she seen pine branches and he likes to lay under them in the summer when it is hot. I realized after the reading today I found pine needles in Buddy’s fur… cool.  Georgia said his favorite food was chicken pops that’s what Buddy called them and yes, he loves his chicken snacks, he really loves chicken nuggets.  Georgia said she seen a red cloth, so I asked my friend if he had anything red when he was younger? She said Buddy had a red flannel shirt he slept on that belonged to his previous owner, the man shining down from heaven on him, that was awesome to find out. The words Buddy kept repeating to Georgia was Love, Love, Love, to the tune by the Beatles, that is so much my Buddy, we have an unconditional love for each other, the best ever.  Georgia said buddy has stomach sensitivities and that is true. I wondered why he is always picky about his food, but Buddy knows what he can and cannot eat. I love when Georgia asked Buddy about me, he said I was his FAVORITE!! I loved hearing all this about my Buddy and it made me realize more how much animals know and feel, I always felt it but getting the reading really spoke to me and told me Buddy is alright and meant to be in my life. It was an amazing reading and after the reading I went out to Buddy and he was all excited and barking, he doesn’t bark much unless he is happy and excited so that was cool to see.” 

~Dena Hanson

     “Georgia’s reading for my dog Gabby gave me some insight into what she was feeling and what was in her heart.  Georgia used some essential oils to release some of the grief she was feeling and to fill her up with some joy to provide Gabby with some peace and healing.  Georgia gave me some advice as to what would make Gabby feel better and how I could deal with certain behaviors. Georgia’s read on Gabby also gave me some peace and clarity for myself as well.” 

~Mary Beth Ellegaard

“Georgia. Proud to call her one of my besties……she is loyal to a fault, loves her friends unconditionally, and honest, so painfully it hurts.  If you ask her opinion you will get an honest answer…like it or not.  But when you talk to her she listens to you totally.  She is not thinking of anything but you and what you are saying…. very rare.  Her compassion for animals is unparalleled.  I know no one like her… she is one in a million and I am honored to call her friend.”   

~Jill Mickelson

     “There may not be a word in our vocabulary that describes “what Georgia does” in her work with animals.  Since she was young, she has had a connection with animals that has only deepened with time.  It is a rare person who can be present and accomplished in both the physical and intuitive spheres and Georgia is one of those rare people.  I have witnessed the connection, communication, and understanding with the animals and Georgia.  Read this book and share that experience.” ~Nancy Nereson

     “I have known Georgia a few years and to see how she engages in animals and throws her whole heart into communicating with them has been a gift.  My cat Charlie had not been eating for a few days and I could see his neck was off.  I asked Georgia to please to in and see what was needed to assist him.  It had taken her a few days to get back due to commitments and in the mean time I had taken him to the vet with no answers and a hefty bill.  I was led to take him to the pet chiropractor in town.  When she tuned into him she started to laugh and said he had said he told her that he had his neck stretched.  Georgia had no idea that I had taken him to the vet or the chiropractor. It showed me such validation that the information she is getting from our pets, is from our pets.  I told our pet chiropractor about the fun feedback and he said “WOW” tell her she is a clear channel.  Georgia was also able to offer me a glimpse of Charlie in a past life we had together.  She described his looks and when I sent a picture she happily said, “OMG that’s Charlie except in the past life he was black and white”.  Georgia is the real deal my friends and always looks out for your fuzzy loved ones.” 

~Jodie Harvala, author of The Magic of Space Clearing and ABC’s of Intuition and owner of Spirit School.

     “I have had pets my entire life.  This summer we moved from West Fargo to Detroit Lakes and that is when we met Georgia.  Georgia was going to let my dogs out twice a day… it soon became obvious to me that it was much more in the few short months I have known her.  Georgia has given me such a better understanding of my pet’s needs, wants, fears desires and expectations.  Georgia recently helped my Ole English bulldog pass.  She was a great comfort to myself, my family and to the other two Bullies that we have. I could not have done this without her.  Georgia may advertise as a pet sitter, but she will soon become a loving and valued part of your entire family.” 

~ Susan K. Trauman