Hello:  I was driving to my Wednesday night” Beyond The Horse class”, when in front of me on the gravel road was this slow, moving low to the ground creature. I’m thinking to myself what is that? Than I remembered , it was a Salamander, my grandma use to call them Herman’s, why I do not know.  Twenty five feet up the road there was another one crossing. I  have not see a Salamander in years and now there were two of them within seconds of each other.  When I got home that night I looked up what Salamander meant, there was obviously a message for me, not only had I seen one but two and it had been a long time since I had seen any.  Here is the meaning behind Salamander:   You are about to go through a subtle transformation: however don’t try to hurry it along or dramatize it, but instead let it develop at its own pace. You are about to receive help from an unexpected source with respect to the situation you are facing. Cooperation with those around you and with the environment around you is a key to your success right now.

Well I am going through a transformation right now, with my book going to number one bestseller, I have received invites for speaking engagements, people asking for classes, people contacting me for readings with their pets who are with them and those who have left them. Plus my Pet Sitting business is still growing everyday.  I am definitely transforming from the Pet Sitter to a best selling author, I guess that is considered a transformation.  Along with that I am stepping into the role my spirit had intended for me all along.  As far as hurrying it along. I am glad the advice is to just let it happen at it’s own pace , that works for me. I have always believed the universe has my back and the pets have taught me over the last twenty some years how to begin to work with people.

Please pay attention to the signs around you, they are there, just ask to see them.  Have a wonderful week my friends!!!