Get to Know Georgia

I am an Animal Communicator, psychic /medium, I learned to reconnect with these abilities I was born with through my own two dogs and my Pet sitting clients. A number one bestselling author with my book “Pet Talker”. I also have contributed a chapter on unconditional love in the book “Peacemakers”.  I am a level I and Level ll Reiki practitioner, certified to teach Mind, Body and Spirit classes along with Invoking the Archangels. An Ordained Minister and have performed weddings, ceremonies for pets, their families and our earth. A Shamanic Practitioner and well versed in the use of essential oils and rocks to help us heal emotionally. I use my intuition daily to help the animals and their families, and I truly believe in listening to our earth through nature.

YOU ARE INTUITIVE, you were born with intuition, it has helped you throughout your life but maybe you didn’t know it. I am here to help you recognize it and realize how you receive your information from your intuition, there are several ways. I can help you fine-tune your intuition so you can develop a stronger intuitive process so you may start listening and communicating with your pets.  Something you did as a child easily. Let’s get you back to that state of awareness!!!

If you would like more help on reconnecting with your intuition, your gift you were given at birth, contact me and we (we as in me and my guides, along with yours) can get you started on a path where you can go at your own pace to reconnect with your intuition ability so you may begin to communicate with your pets. Click here to learn more about my offerings