Soul Reflections

The Tree’s are Weeping Leaves

Are the tree’s weeping leaves? Or are they happy to shed them like we love to shed our heavy winter clothing in the spring? Are they happy to go into winter where they become dormant and can rest? To emerge in the spring vibrant, healthy, rested and sprouting new growth. Just a thought, maybe taking a lesson from the tree’s. Shed anything no longer serving you.  Whether it is mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. We can not sprout new growth…

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Are you an Island?

When I was driving around doing my pet sitting rounds one afternoon, I seen this island in the middle of the water.  I pulled over to the side of the road and just looked at it. Immediately I got the feeling of isolation, a loner, back to the time when I was not telling people about my animal communication abilities and gifts. Many times I felt alone, isolated fearing that people wouldn’t understand if I did try to tell them.…

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Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs

Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs A few weeks back I posted on my Facebook page a picture of four different feathers that I had found at different times and different days.  I had found each of these feathers after I had received news from my Pet Sitting clients that a pet of theirs had passed away. Some of the feathers I had found within an hour or two of the news, some I had found the next day after receiving…

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