Signs & Symbols

A Christmas Tale

It was Christmas day 2016 and I was on my pet sitting rounds, I was now at Max’s house a big black elderly Great Pyrenees, that if you didn’t know better when you walked into his house you would swear you were staring at a big black bear. He had a sweet, gentle spirit.  I let Max out and when he came back in I fixed him a fried egg, because he had lost his appetite lately, and his owners…

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Is it a prehistoric creature??

Hello:  I was driving to my Wednesday night” Beyond The Horse class”, when in front of me on the gravel road was this slow, moving low to the ground creature. I’m thinking to myself what is that? Than I remembered , it was a Salamander, my grandma use to call them Herman’s, why I do not know.  Twenty five feet up the road there was another one crossing. I  have not see a Salamander in years and now there were…

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Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs

Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs A few weeks back I posted on my Facebook page a picture of four different feathers that I had found at different times and different days.  I had found each of these feathers after I had received news from my Pet Sitting clients that a pet of theirs had passed away. Some of the feathers I had found within an hour or two of the news, some I had found the next day after receiving…

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