When I was driving around doing my pet sitting rounds one afternoon, I seen this island in the middle of the water.  I pulled over to the side of the road and just looked at it. Immediately I got the feeling of isolation, a loner, back to the time when I was not telling people about my animal communication abilities and gifts. Many times I felt alone, isolated fearing that people wouldn’t understand if I did try to tell them.                                                                                                                                                           As I continued to take in the view, I began to see the island differently, I noticed that the water was almost cradling the island , supporting it. The water could have taken over the island but it had not, the water and the island were working together, co-existing. The feeling of isolation that I had felt a few minutes prior disappeared. I now began to see myself as the island, an individual, different from my surroundings, but being supported at the same time from nature, animals and people who all have different characteristics and abilities than myself.  I noticed that the trees were standing tall and straight and began to feel my own posture straighten up. Maybe next time you think or say you feel like an island or feel isolated, look at it from a different perspective, I know I sure will.