Animal Communication

I do not know if you believe in psychic sense or mediumship, but you came into this world with intuition.  Call it what you like, gut instinct, gut feeling, or mother’s instinct. These are all names for the same ability and you have used it since the day you were born.  You can expand your intuitive senses or you can ignore them.  I use my intuition every day, I work with people, pets, and nature.  I pay attention and stop and LISTEN to what I hear from everything around me. Listening from a place of love. From the intention of the best for all involved.  If you start to listen to your pet’s, you will feel the bond of unconditional love for them that they already have for you.

Some of you pet parents are probably communicating with your pets and you don’t even realize it. For instance, do you know when your pet is not feeling well or should go to the vet? Or perhaps you can sense that they don’t like something or it makes them nervous? You think about taking them for a ride or walk and when you get home they are all excited and ready to go. You are communicating with your pet through your intuition.

We are all born with intuition and at one time or another we quit using it, or are persuaded not to use it, most likely by someone older than us. I am here to tell you,  go right ahead, I give you permission, give yourself permission, use your intuition.  Bring it out of the closet like a comfortable sweater or a favorite pair of jeans. You have the ability, but just like a muscle that is not used, it can become weak. You need to strengthen it with practice. Let’s raise our vibration of love for everything on this earth, and we will become a much brighter light for the world to see.  So go now and LISTEN to those who speak silently.

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