It was Christmas day 2016 and I was on my pet sitting rounds, I was now at Max’s house a big black elderly Great Pyrenees, that if you didn’t know better when you walked into his house you would swear you were staring at a big black bear. He had a sweet, gentle spirit.  I let Max out and when he came back in I fixed him a fried egg, because he had lost his appetite lately, and his owners were doing that for him, so I did also. After he ate is egg he came and laid on the rug in front of the couch and I was just petting and talking to him.

He than decided he wanted to go back outside, I let him out and as i was standing watching him at the door, I heard a little bell ding.  I looked around trying to find out where it was coming from, I walked towards the Christmas tree and looked trying to find it. I finally seen this little, teeny bell and I tried to make it ding to see if it was the sound. I had to take it off the tree to get it to ding, but it did and it was the sound.  I had been thinking about my dad that morning while doing pet rounds, he passed away in 2013, and I knew it was him saying Merry Christmas!!. I let Max back in, gave him his treat, a kiss and left.

I called my mom to tell her and her response was” well it must of shook when you walked across the floor”, I told her I was absolutely still when it happened and it took quite a bit of effort to make it ding.  I knew it was from dad.  I called my sister and told her , she was happy but wanted to know why it didn’t happen at her house?  I explained to her that with all the commotion that was going on with family, kids and grand-kids they would never even heard it and if they did they would not of paid any attention to it. Dad sent the message to the person who would recognize it for what it was. I am always try to be aware of my surroundings and listen to what the universe has to share with me.  It was a wonderful message.