I believe in honoring Mother Earth & all of her creatures

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Hello friend, my name is Georgia…..

I am a Sacred Activist, I live, breathe, and teach the sacred connectedness between the Spirit and the Earth, the bond that exists between all beings, all energy. My personal journey has been intertwined with animals, nature and Earth medicine. I believe we are all interconnected, earth, animals and people. If we would share that unconditional love we receive from the first two and apply it to those we encounter, we will together shine a brighter light upon this world.

If you are searching for someone you can connect with that has a love for Earth medicine and you wish to become grounded and centered with the vibration of Mother Earth and all my offerings and teachings. I will guide you and support you with:

  • Unconditional love while holding a Sacred space for you
  • Support using all kinds of healing modalities related to Earth
  • Connection with your Spiritual Advisory Board

For over twenty years I have been an Animal Communicator, I am a Shaman Practitioner, and I work with Crystals, Essential Oils, and water. Just like everyone else I have had the gift of intuition since birth but did not start recognizing the gift of animal communication until I became a pet sitter twenty some years ago.

In my journey through life, I’ve realized everyone and everything has a purpose, and if we do not share our individual, unique gifts we are doing a disservice to ourselves and others. Are ready to connect with your spirit and begin to show the world your unique gifts and ready to rise to your greatest potential?

My belief that “Everything has a spirit and we should Honor that” is something that I would love to share with you, come join me.

I am a bestselling author, Pet Talker-Listening to Those Who Speak Silently.  My book is about my twenty plus years of owning a pet sitting business and how my own two dogs and the pets I cared for, helped me become aware of my gift of Animal Communication. Maurice the Goat Finds His Real Family along with an affirmation deck for children. I am also in four other bestselling books: The Peacemaker-Restoring Love in the World through Stories of Compassion and Wisdom, and 111 Meditations-Create Your Day with Intention. Inspirations 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness,Kindness Crusader, and Heaven Sent True Stories of Pets That Have Touched Our Lives. I am also a V.I.P. Spiritual Leaders Top Pick for 2018.

I am a Shaman Practitioner, a certified coach in Mind, Body, Spirit, certified in Invoking the Archangels and certified in Artist of the Spirit coaching.

You can find my books in my shop here: Georgia’s Store


Everything has a spirit- honor that, Chief, Arvol Looking Horse

Coming Soon: Discover Your Spiritual Advisory Board


Would you like to find out who your Spiritual Advisory Board is? Would you like to connect with them? I was asked one time who my board of directors were, everyone has a board of directors. I had to stop and think about it and then decided to Journey and find out who was on my board of directors. I was shown who was on my board but they preferred to be called my Spiritual Advisory Board. The picture shown is my advisory board. In your journey, we will help you connect with your guides. It may be angels, animals, fairies, dragons, unicorns whoever connects with you on your journey. When the journey is over we will write it down and then will work with you to design it on a canvas, shirt or cup for you.

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