Work with Me

Do you have or had a pet? Do you know when your pet is not feeling right? Have you walked up to someone and without them saying a word, you asked what’s wrong? Have you walked into a room or stood next to someone and said: “this doesn’t feel right or I don’t like the energy or vibe”? You think about someone and they call you or you run into them, that is your intuition and you probably use it every day and you don’t recognize it, you blow it off as coincidence.

One of my gifts is helping you reconnect with your intuition, your gift you were given at birth, contact me and we (we as in me and my guides, along with yours) can get you started on a path where you can go at your own pace to reconnect with your intuition ability so you may begin to communicate with your pets.

Check out my calendar here for classes, workshops, & events: Georgia’s Events

You may also work with me in a variety of ways:

Ceremonies of Union: As an ordained minister, I offer vow renewals, elopements, and wedding ceremonies. All ordination ceremonies range from $150- $300 depending on the circumstances**

Ceremonies for Pets & Earth: My connection and love of animals runs as deep as my love for our Earth. I am available to perform a ceremony to honor your cherished pet. Includes a phone consultation for planning, and the opportunity for me to connect with the essence of your beloved for preparation of the ceremony. All ceremonies for Pets & Earth range from $127- $200 depending on the circumstances**

** These rates do not include travel, lodging, or special circumstances