I believe in honoring Mother Earth & all of her creatures

Welcome to the Georgia Connection!

Hello friend, my name is Georgia…..

I am an Animal Communicator, I only became aware of this ability through my own two dogs and my Pet sitting clients over the past twenty years.

I am not any different than you, we all have this ability, some people learn from books, other people, or on their own. My teachers just happened to be the animal themselves along with the beautiful nature we are all surrounded with.

If you would like to get in touch with your Animal Communication abilities, this is the place for you. I will help you form a connection with the earth, animals, and other humans, hence “The Georgia Connection” to really start LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!

Everything has a spirit- honor that, Chief, Arvol Looking Horse

Coming Soon: Discover Your Spiritual Advisory Board


Would you like to find out who your Spiritual Advisory Board is? Would you like to connect with them? I was asked one time who my board of directors were, everyone has a board of directors. I had to stop and think about it and then decided to Journey and find out who was on my board of directors. I was shown who was on my board but they preferred to be called my Spiritual Advisory Board. The picture shown is my advisory board. In your journey, we will help you connect with your guides. It may be angels, animals, fairies, dragons, unicorns whoever connects with you on your journey. When the journey is over we will write it down and then will work with you to design it on a canvas, shirt or cup for you.

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